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Our products are the result of long-term breeding programs based on our clients' challenges and opportunities. We focus on traits like fast growth, disease resistance and harvest quality. We also have products adapted for organic production as well as ova giving all-female populations and sterile fish. From our production in Iceland, we are able to offer ova from ISA-free segments.

We can deliver products tailored to our customers’ needs. The gene pool of our broodstock holds a large variation and based on our insights, we are able to select the best candidates for producing ova with specific traits.

Our product range consists of two main product packages for sea-farming, SalmoProtect and SalmoSelect and a package tailored for land-based production in RAS systems, SalmoRAS4+.

Our customer’s needs are our highest priority. That’s why we have established product packages with high levels of flexibility when it comes to choice of genetic traits. We knowledge that there are different farming challenges depending upon technology, location, water quality and this is taken into account when constructing our product portfolio. We are able to offer all of our packages as Organic for customers that are producing according to these standards. Read more about our product range below:


This product is natural choice for salmon farmers in areas with lower disease pressure. SalmoProtect is giving a solid protection against some of the most common challenges in salmon production.

SalmoProtect includes the following traits:



Higher risk requires stronger protection. Therefore, we have focused on flexibility concerning choice of genetic traits when composing the SalmoSelect package.

SalmoSelect includes the following traits as basis:

  • GS-Lice
  • GS-SWG (faster growth in the seawater phase)
  • GS-PD or GS-ISA – at your choice

If you need a higher disease protection or higher pressure on quality parameters, we are offering the following traits as an option for this package:

  • GS-AGD
  • GS-Quality

See the list of traits that are included in each of the packages in the table below:























GS-AGD/Gill Health






SalmoRAS4+ and SalmoRAS4+IPN

From our production at StofnFiskur, we can offer ova selected specifically for high growth and significant reduction in early maturation (All-Female), or even completely elimination of early maturation (All-Female/Trilploid). This selection is made with the emerging land-based RAS production sites in mind. These production systems are experiencing less disease challenges, although early maturation of males is still an issue to address. This is where SalmoRAS4+ makes a difference in optimizing the production cyclus on land. The product is also available with QTL-IPN for protection against outbreaks of Infectious Pancreas Disease.

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CrossBreed — combining the best of two strains

In addition to ova from the SalmoBreed strain, we can throughout the year deliver ova from our Icelandic sister company StofnFiskur. We are able to offer a product called CrossBREED. This product is combining the best of two strains using eggs from the StofnFiskur strain, fertilized by milt from males of the SalmoBreed strain.

The original stocks from Bolaks and Jakta have formed the basis for what are today SalmoBreed’s populations. Fish stock that is bred in Stofnfiskur originates from 1991. At that time individuals from several stocks that were previously collected from Norway to Iceland were selected for the breeding nucleus.

SalmobreedAll year round
StofnfiskurAll year round
CrossbreedAll year round

Special Products

Triploid ova, All-female and products for land-base is included in our special product range. To ensure delivery at the desired time, the orders have to be placed at least three months in advance.


We can deliver ova where broodstock are held in conditions that meet the specific guidelines applicable to organic production. In Norway we are producing in accordance with the DEBIO standard, and in Iceland we are are producing according to the Tún Standard.


Production of sterile fish has increased since the green environmental licenses have been adopted. By subjecting the ova to high pressure in a specific period of time after fertilization, ova will have three chromosome pairs instead of two, like normal diploid fish have. Triploid fish cannot reproduce. Through strict quality criteria, Stofnfiskur ensures that all ova sold as triploid really has three sets of chromosomes and therefore are sterile.

Triploid ova can be selected for both the growth, quality and disease resistance.

Fish produced from triploid ova have special environment and nutrition requirements. Get in contact with your sales contact for advice and details.


With all female population in facilities the fish farmer avoids loss of growth due to early maturation of male fish.

The challenges with early maturation are especially big in confined plants. In these plants production conditions are so optimized that the fish’s natural instincts are directed towards early maturity instead of growth. In all species it is the male animal genetic properties that determine what gender offspring will get. The males have X chromosomes which result female offspring and Y chromosomes which result male offspring. Females have only X chromosomes. Through specific treatment of brood stock females are controlled to become males, Neo-males. The milt they produce has only X chromosomes. When we use milt from Neo-males in production all offspring is of females.

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