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SalmoBreed AS is a breeding company supplying ova of Atlantic salmon. Our products are the result of long-term breeding programs based on our clients' challenges and opportunities. We focus on properties like good growth, disease resistance and flesh quality. We also have products tailored to organic production and production for specific environmental standards and we can supply sterile fish.

We can deliver products tailored to our customers’ needs. Parent animal properties vary and that is how we select those that determine which properties ova will get.

Apart from two basic products we have therefore chosen not to have standard products, but rather classify product groups, starting with the stock, health characteristics, production characteristics and ova processing.

New product concepts and traits are being launched for the 2018/2019 season

An ova is no longer the same egg it was before 2010 - new genetic traits are continuously being developed and added to the product. Additionally, to our basic products, SalmoBreed strengthens its position as a provider of high-quality genetic material of Atlantic salmon in the global salmon market, launches two new product concepts for the 2018/2019 season called SalmoProtect and SalmoSelect, suited to your local challenges and consisting of traits that our genetics have combined to suit our customers’ needs. The art is to uncover the small difference in the genes that can provide the major improvements in productivity and survival.

The customer needs are a priority for us! That’s why we leave the choice of products to them and it depends on what kind of technology is used for salmon production, country of production, water quality or challenges that salmon can meet both in marine and RAS facilities. This year we are also launching the characteristics such as QTL-CMS and GS-SWG (Seawater growth).

Please find detailed description of new product concepts for the 2018/2019 season below:


This product is natural choice for salmon breeders in areas with lower disease pressure. This is your protection against complex challenges where you pick the composition of characteristics suited to your needs. SalmoProtect is your basic protection that covers the most common challenges in salmon production.

SalmoProtect contains:


To learn more about our effective work on genomic selection for lice resistance use this link GS-Lice.

To download our product sheet for visit GS-Lice.


Higher risk requires stronger protection. Protection against complex challenges where you pick the composition of characteristics suited to your needs. Therefore, we have put in a great deal of flexibility into SalmoSelect package. As a basis, we have included the qualities that we know from our experience with our customers that they need them.

SalmoSelect contains:

  • GS-Lice
  • GS-SWG (faster growth in the seawater phase)
  • GS-PD or GS-ISA – depends on the challenge that customer is experiencing most

If you need higher disease protection or having focus on quality parameters, we offer the following features as an option for this package:

  • GS-AGD
  • GS-Quality

See the list of properties that are included in each of the packages in the table below:























GS-AGD/Gill Health






New product concepts: two packeges + optional choices = simplification and flexibility

Read more about strong results in research project on Pancreas Disease breeding GS PD.

Read more about robustness against ISA GS ISA.

Find out more about genomic selection for CMS GS CMS.

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CrossBreed — combining the best of two strains

In addition to ova from SalmoBreed stock, we can throughout the year deliver ova from our Icelandic sister company StofnFiskur. We are able to offer a product called CrossBREED. CrossBREED combining the best of two strains using eggs from the StofnFiskur strain, fertilized by milt from males of the SalmoBreed strain.

The original stocks from Bolaks and Jakta have formed the basis for what are today SalmoBreed’s populations. Fish stock that is bred in Stofnfiskur originates from 1991. At that time individuals from several stocks that were previously collected from Norway to Iceland were selected for the breeding core.

CrossBreed is produced in Iceland. By combining Icelandic ova, available all year round and milt from SalmoBreed males, we can deliver ova with strong genetic properties every week of the year, also in the off - season. By crossing individuals from two different populations we benefit from the fact that the two parents are genetically very different. We get then what is called heterosis effect; we get a leap in the desired properties that can not be explained only through genetic selection. Crossbreed can be weighted both for different health properties, growth and flesh quality.

SalmobreedNovember-June, all year round from the 2018/2019 season
StofnfiskurAll year round
CrossbreedAll year round

Special Products

Triploid ova, all female and land base are special products from our product range. To ensure delivery at the desired time, the orders have to be made up to three months in advance. Make arrangements in advance with your SalmoBreed contact.


From Stofnfiskur we can deliver ova where brood stock are held in conditions that meet the specific guidelines applicable to organic production. The ova is selected for growth, quality standards and disease resistance according to the customer’s desired weighting.


Production of sterile fish has increased since the green environmental licenses have been adopted. By subjecting the ova to high pressure in a specific period of time after fertilization, ova will have three chromosome pairs instead of two, like normal diploid fish have. Triploid fish cannot reproduce. Through strict quality criteria, Stofnfiskur ensures that all ova sold as triploid really has three sets of chromosomes and therefore are sterile.

Triploid ova can be selected for both the growth, quality and disease resistance.

Fish produced from triploid ova have special environment and nutrition requirements. Get in contact with your SalmoBreed for advice and details.


With all female population in facilities the fish farmer avoids loss of growth due to early maturation of male fish.

The challenges with early maturation are especially big in confined plants. In these plants production conditions are so optimized that the fish’s natural instincts are directed towards early maturity instead of growth. In all species it is the male animal genetic properties that determine what gender offspring will get. The males have X chromosomes which result female offspring and Y chromosomes which result male offspring. Females have only X chromosomes. Through specific treatment of brood stock females are controlled to become males, Neo-males. The milt they produce has only X chromosomes. When we use milt from Neo-males in production all offspring is of females.


SalmoBreed has selected fish especially for late sexual maturation and improved flesh quality. Such weighting is specially adapted for production in RAS facilities where disease is not a problem, but the fish has an early maturation because of the excellent production conditions.

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