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Thommy Holmvåg

Regional Sales Manager North Norway

Thommy Holmvåg has a aquaculture education (M.Sc) from the Norwegian School of Fisheries (UiT) from 2007. He started working in 2000 for Follalaks (now Cermaq) as a grow out technician. He also chose the further career path at Skretting` s trial-station in Rogaland as R&D coordinator, where he worked with feed, ova, smolt and grow out fish from 2007 to 2011. From 2011 to 2017, Thommy worked with sales and management for the biological analysis company Eurofins Scientific and was responsible for the company’s aquaculture customers.

Thommy joined SalmoBreed in early 2017 as Key Account Manager in Sales and Marketing. Here he works closely with our ova customers in central Norway and has an office in Ålesund, as well as a base at SalMar Genetics’ broodfish facility in Rauma. This is a joint venture company that SalmoBreed owns in partnership with SalMar.

Academic History

  • Norwegian School of Fisheries (UiT) 2007
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