Petter Johan Hauknes

Petter-Johan Hauknes

Sales Manager North Norway

Petter Johan has a certificate of apprenticeship in Aquaculture. He has worked with fish since 1995, both as fish technician and in fish processing at Lovundlaks og Ranfjord Fiskeprodukter, and as a machinist and fisherman on a boat.

From 2015 Petter Johan has been selling the sales contact for our customers in Northern Norway. In SalmoBreed customer support activities extend from purchasing advisory to following up roe deliveries, and providing assistance while the roe hatches and later while the brood is in the hatchery. In addition, Peter-Johan reports how the fish are doing so that we can further develop our ova products and deliver even better products in the future.

Contact Petter-Johan

Telephone: +47 975 40 591
E-mail: [email protected]

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