Lars Inge Vik

Lars Inge Vik

Logistics manager

Lars Inge has studied at Norwegian Agricultural College, now Norway Life Sciences University, NMBU, where he graduated with Bachelor degree in Agriculture, at the Institute for Nature Management in 1986. Since then he has worked in the fish farming industry…

Lars Inge has worked with hatchery-produced fish for stocking and fish in the sea. In a big part of his career he has worked in the USA, both as hatchery manager, operations manager at sea sites and responsible for breeding programs and brood stock respectively in Atlantic Salmon of Maine and Cooke Aquaculture. In 2005, Lars Inge was hired by StofnFiskur, first as project manager for the Americas, later for Norway. When Benchmark Holdings bought StofnFiskur and SalmoBreed he became StofnFiskur’s responsible for logistics, including all imports of ova from Stofnfiskur to Norway.

Contact Lars:

Telephone: +47 467 97 001
Email: [email protected]

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