Borghild 3

Borghild Hillestad

Genetics and Genomics Manager

Borghild has been part of SalmoBreed since January 2014. As our Genetics Manager she works closely with customers, other partners, laboratories and research environments. She is involved in breeding and breeding plans, development of genetic methods and our research and development projects.

Borghild completed her PhD in breeding and genetics at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Environment. The title of the thesis was ”Inbreeding determined by the amount of homozygous regions in the genome”, and she works with with cattle genom.

Borghild has other experiences besides genetics. She was born on a farm and has a self-sustaining farm with three employees. She has led one dog school, taught saxophone and clarinet and she has studied instrument repair.

Contact Borghild:

Telephone: +47 975 29 472
Email: [email protected]

Academic History

  • Ph.d in Breeding and Genetics
  • Masters degree in Breeding and Genetics
  • Bachelor degree in Animal Science
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