Benchmark Genetics Norway AS

Benchmark Genetics Norway AS head office is located in Norway’s seafood capital, Bergen. Here we are close to several major fish farming research centres and part of our customers also have their headquarters in Bergen.

Our managing director and Head of Benchmark Genetics Jan-Emil, works from our head office and in addition our R & D and fish health department are here. Some of our sales team members also have their office days here.

Benchmark Genetics has its marketing department also shared with Benchmark Genetics Norway AS in Bergen.

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Benchmark Genetics Norway AS, department Lønningdal Breeding Centre

Our breeding center in Lønningdal was bought in 2015. It has previously been used as a research station for fish feed. The plant is undergoing major changes and is being adapted to meet company needs for a future-oriented breeding station.

The breeding station in Lønningdal act as a base for the production of all the 350 families of our breeding core.

Every year, salmon ova from each family will be sent from producers to Lønningdal. Here salmon ova is incubated into separate units and kept after hatching in separate tanks until they are big enough to be pit-taged. It is kept in Lønningdal until it is between 30 and 50 grams. Then the fish is sent to manufacturers and they become the next generation broodstock.

All inland production is done in Lønningdal and we have good control on bio safety.

Lønningdal breeding station fully developed in 2017.

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SalmoBreed Salten AS

SalmoBreed Salten was officially opened 22nd of May 2019 as the world’s most advanced land-based facility for production of broodstock and ova. A large part of the broodstock have been kept their whole lives in tanks on land, giving us full control over all environmental parameters and allows delivery og ova every week of the year. The plant holds the highest levels of biosecurity in the industry and is divided into 5 separate sanitary zones to ensure hygiene.

SalmoBreed Salten is located in Sørfjorden in the Sørfold Municipality. The company was founded in 2015 and is owned 75% by SalmoBreed AS and 25% by Salten Stamfisk AS. The first halls were completed in 2017 and broodstock was introduced to the tanks in November. The site was completed in 2018 and the first stripping of broodstock took place last week of October. SalmoBreed Salten is fully operational from May 2019.

The plant is constructed with a capacity to deliver 150 million ova per year. With 8000 m3 tank volume in halls with light and temperature control, it is possible to deliver ova every week of the year. Installation of more than 3000 small cylinders allow for single incubation. In addition, the plant has equipment and expertise to produce triploid ova.

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Bolaks Stamfisk

Our roe vendor Bolaks has produced salmon roe since 1975. From 1990 it is the plant in Lygrepollen that has been the broodstock station. Today the capacity is approximately 150 million roe per year.

The plant in 1994/95 was upgraded with a new production building. The equipment used nowdays is the state of the art.

There are 12 employees in Lygrepollen. 4 are working full time and four part time on the land base. In addition, there are 4 people that help on sea water sites out of the season. The employees are recruited locally and there is good stability in work group. The employees acquired good experience and competence with brood stock and production of roe at the facility.

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Benchmark Genetics Cryolab

In collaboration with Labora in Bodø, Benchmark has established a laboratory for freezing and storage of milt. Doing so, we can control the time of fertilization, independent of the biological spawning time of the best breeding candidates. The method also allows us to use milt of the same male for several deliveries and thereby allows us to optimize usage of the best male broods. It is also a security measurement appreciated by our customers, as we still will be having high-quality milt available if a critical incident should happen with our broodfish.

Cryopreservation is a technology that makes it possible to freeze and store living cells like sperm and embryo over longer periods in Biobanks with a temperature of -196 oC. The cells will still be alive and well functioning after thawing and may be used for fertilization. The technology is widely used within breeding, medical science and disease treatments.

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