Covid-19 update from Benchmark Genetics

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all of us in aquaculture industry. The situation varies in different countries, but we are all working together to ensure that the aquaculture industry can keep feeding the world and this must continue.

Many countries have introduced very strict measures to stop the infectious spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). We are in Benchmark Genetics, following all recommendations and directives issued by the authorities, and has also introduced its own local measures to ensure the continued operation at all our production sites.

We are proud to see how our team members, customers, partners are showing creativity in dealing with the small and big obstacles following the widespread outbreak of the coronavirus.

The health of our employees, customers and society is very important for us. From our side, we can ensure, that our businesses are functioning as usual. All our employees that can work from home are doing so. We have daily online meetings to update the projects, sales and services on any internal and external developments. This helps us to ensure continuity and to deal with any issues caused by the current situation.

For us, in Benchmark Genetics, is essential to maintain good contact with our customers and collaborative partners. This situation is new for everyone, but so far, most operations are running normally. All our production sites have been completely closed to all visitors and non-employees, but production operations remain open and eggs production going due to the plan. A key driver of our company’s value is the value of our customers. Our aim is to deliver all orders as planned, to the extent that this is possible. Everyone from our sales department is available to support our customers regarding deliveries and do work efficiently.

Whilst we are unable to meet with you in person, we continue to provide the customer and technical support you need. We contacted all our customers to find the best way for logistics and eggs deliveries. Until this date, we have been able to find logistical solutions to all deliveries across the world and successfully supplied our products to our customers in Norway, the USA, Spain, and China, Canada, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Poland and Scotland.

In the meantime, we want to reiterate that we are here for you and doing all we can to support you!

We wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope society can gradually return to normal soon.

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Our employees have long experience and high competence in various solutions - despite the complications and major logistical challenges, we have been able to find good solutions for all deliveries all over the world.

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