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Benchmark Genetics strengthens its focus on consultancy services

Benchmark Genetics strengthens its focus on consultancy services for external breeding programmes. Through the Akvaforsk Genetics brand, Benchmark Genetics has provided technical genetics services to a large number of breeding programmes worldwide spanning close to 20 aquatic species. The company is now strengthening its strategic focus in this area and has appointed Jørn Thodesen as Business Manager - Applied Genetics Consultancy with effect from October 1st, 2020.

Jørn Thodesen comes from the position as Senior Scientific Advisor, where he for many years has been responsible for the advising and follow up of external breeding programs in both Asia and Europe. His educational background includes a PhD from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU and a master’s degree in management from the Norwegian Business School BI.

In the new position, Jørn will be responsible for establishing new customer relationships, but also for adapting the company’s consultancy services to better meet the demands of various segments in the global market. This market consists of a broad range of players - from large and fully integrated aquaculture companies to small and specialized breeding programs.

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"I am very pleased that Jørn has accepted this exciting and ambitious opportunity. The timing of this strategic refocus is perfect, and I believe Jørn will succeed in expanding our external client base and secure our leading position as a one-stop technical service provider to aquaculture industries worldwide." Morten Rye, Director of Genetics, Benchmark Genetics
Jorn Thodesen
"Aquaculture is a significant contributor to more sustainable food production, and the new position is intended to assist aquaculture companies in achieving improved production yields and increased animal welfare. I find this very motivating." Jørn Thodesen, Business Manager - Applied Genetics Consultancy, Benchmark Genetics.
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Jørn Thodesen visiting an abalone farm in South Africa.

You can read more about Jørn and his wide experiences in selective breeding here

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