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Our dear colleague Terje Refstie turns 75 years today!

Benchmark Genetics happy to congratulate Terje on his 75 years birthday today and wish him all the best!

Professor Terje Refstie played a very central role in the planning and establishment of the pioneering Norwegian selective breeding programs for Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout in the 1970s, which represented a milestone in modern aquaculture. He has been a key figure in the Norwegian and international aquaculture industry for over 50 years. Terje has published over 100 scientific articles and has been a great inspiration to many Norwegian and foreign students.

"I think one of the most important things I have experienced is how impossible it is to predict the future. Not even the greatest optimists foresaw anything close to what the aquaculture industry has developed into." ​Terje Refstie, Senior Scientific Advisor, Benchmark Genetics

The starting point for the Norwegian aquaculture industry was genetics and the breeding work that was carried out with great success in Norwegian agriculture. The principles are still the same, but Terje says we have got new and better tools over the years.

The long-term sustainability of aquaculture sectors critically depends on the development and use of genetically improved stocks for cost-effective production, and selective breeding is recognized as a main driving force for the development of resource effective and sustainable production.

Terje sees many opportunities in the aquaculture industry going forward. If we want to increase food production in the world, he believes that aquaculture is one, if not the only area that has great potential.

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Terje Refstie together with the farm manager during visit to one of the abalone producers, Aqunion. In march this year, Terje was visiting customers at an abalone farm in South Africa.

Terje Refstie

Professor Terje Refstie held his presentation at Benchmark Genetics seminar about genetic technologies in salmon farming during AquaNor 2019.

You can read more about professor Terje Refstie and his long experience in aquaculture here.

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