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Stein Johannessen appointed as new SalmoBreed technical documentation manager

Stein Johannessen’s joined SalmoBreed team as technical documentation manager and had his first working day on 3 of October at SalmoBreeds office in Bergen.

Svein holding MSc in Aquamedicine, Fish biology from University of Bergen. He comes from position as Key Account Manager in MSD Animal Health. At SalmoBreed, he will be responsible for documentation of the company’s products. He will also help to provide technical advice and assistance to SalmoBreed’s customers, based on collected data from annual salmon ova- and fish surveys.


Stein Johannessen started as technical documentation manager at SalmoBreed 3 October 2018. Foto: SalmoBreed.

Rudi R. Seim, Head of Fish Health for Benchmark Genetics said: “Documentation from all our products is a very important part of our business. The trust of our customers based on the quality products we are delivering to the marked and we are committed to demonstrate that breeding work is beneficial to our customers. After Stein Johannessen has joined our team, we are confident that our documentation work will be well taken care of. “

The new employee is looking forward to working days in SalmoBreed

I am very pleased to join the SalmoBreed team at such an exciting time in the company’s development. I am looking forward to taking responsibility for such important part of the breeding work as documentation and support SalmoBreed’s customers. I am exited to share my experience and providing knowledge about genetics ant it contribution to improving profitability and animal welfare for aquaculture industry,” says Johannessen.

We are welcome Stein Johannessen to our team. Soon, it’s time for SalmoBreed’s annual ova survey, so the company’s customers will get chance to know him more through this work.

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