Benchmark Genetics' official launch of new software BreedControl

Today we have the formal launch of new production system BreedControl. This software gives us more faster and more precise information on eggs production and ova sales then we have had before.

The software will be used across Benchmark Genetics division and will manage the following:

  • Stripping of all broodstock
  • The veterinarian sampling of the broodstock, screening requests and results
  • Fertilizations of the eggs produced for customers along with eggs for the breeding programs
  • Individual and batch incubations
  • Eggs temperature management
  • Delivery management
  • Cutomer information, including contracts and shipment status
  • Sales management, including contracts and shipment status along with prices and invoice reminders
  • Biological inventory status and sale projections

This is a big achievement that will help us a lot in management the worlds best salmon ova production.

Breed Control 1
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