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Benchmark Genetics is launching a customer portal in connection with BreedControl

We are launching a customer portal in connection with our breeding and delivery system BreedControl.

Benchmark Genetics is happy to announce the launch of “My Pages” in connection with the development of our new software BreedControl. This system, developed in-house, gives us faster and more precise information on the production and sales of salmon ova than what we had in the past.

The new software will be used across the Benchmark Genetics division. It will maintain and manage data for the entire production chain, including broodstock production, stripping, fertilization incubation, health management, screening, inventory, sales management, order planning, and delivery.

“My Pages” is a dedicated portal, where our customers can access information related to shipments stored in Breedcontrol.


Our production system BreedControl, gives us faster and more precise information on eggs production and ova sales then we have had before.

In “My Pages” we will give access to the following information:

  • Certificates

Relevant certificates for each of our ova producers

  • Contracts

Contracts with Benchmark Genetics, past, present and future

  • Shipments

Data connected with shipments. In the system, each shipment has a status, e.g.:

Shipped: Shipping documents are available for all passed shipments. Those include packing lists, product information reports, health certificates and more.

Active: Active shipments due to be shipped. No documents are yet generated. However, it will be possible to find useful information, such as whether the designated batch of eggs has been incubated, what contract the shipment belongs to or when the next delivery is expected to be shipped and more.

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