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Benchmark Genetics included in 2020 Aquaculture Awards shortlist

An impressive range of companies, research organisations and individuals from around the world have made the shortlists for the 2020 Aquaculture Awards. These awards highlight the range of talent and cutting-edge advances in the technology involved in the global aquaculture sector. We are delighted to be among companies nominated in different categories.

SalmoBreed Salten listed in the Animal welfare category. SalmoBreed Salten is the most advanced land-based facility for the production of salmon ova in the world, located in Sørfjorden in Northern Norway. It provides high-quality genetic material to the global salmon market, which is recognized for rapid, growth, late sexual maturity, resistance to disease and parasites, and outstanding flesh quality. Substantial investments in R&D have resulted in products with improved resistance to major disease challenges.

SalmoBreed Salten is designed to hold the entire life cycle of broodstock on land, from egg to final mature broodstock. The result is the highest standards of biosecurity in the industry, which does not only provide high-quality ova to customers but also greatly benefits the welfare of the fish. By providing the best genetics available at the start of the production cycle, this ensures robust, fast-growing salmon with a higher resistance towards disease and parasites.

The breeding program at Salten is broad and sustainable, focusing on resistance to disease and parasites, growth, late maturation, and fillet color. It adheres to the 3Rs: Replacement, reduction, and refinement, which provides a framework for performing more humane animal research, meaning that the number of fish tested on is limited. SalmoBreed Salten aims to provide the most outstanding genetics available at the start of the production cycle, helping aquaculture producers increase quality, yield and most importantly, the health and welfare of their animals.

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SalmoBreed Salten is the most advanced land-based facility for the production of salmon ova in the world, located in Sørfjorden in Northern Norway.

Benchmark Genetics’ StofnFiskur is on the list for Aquaculture supplier of the year. Stofnfiskur is one of the world’s leading companies in selective breeding and production of Atlantic salmon ova. The concept of Stofnfiskur is based around producing salmon eggs all year round with the highest biosecurity available. The Atlantic salmon eggs, fry, parr and smolt are produced by world class specialists in genetics, in a disease-free environment not found anywhere else in the salmon farming industry. The customer’s needs are of top priority at StofnFiskur. Delivering eggs all year round enables customers to secure a yearly improvement of production cost by improving growth rate and increasing survival, which makes for a more profitable salmon business. Stofnfiskur today exports to 22 countries. This market has slowly built up through the years mainly due to the high biosecure level of the salmon broodstock in Iceland.

In 2009-2011 Stofnfiskur helped the Chilean industry to recover after the Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) crisis by supplying eggs from Iceland. Since June 2019 there has been an export ban on all salmon eggs from Norway to Scotland and due to the excellent production capacity at Stofnfiskur, Benchmark Genetics has been able to supply the Scottish market with all their egg needs to date.


Vogavík is Stofnfiskur’s largest brood stock farm for Atlantic salmon. Stofnfiskur can deliver disease free, fast growing and robust salmon eggs worldwide to the fish farming industry every week of the year. This enables the customers to buy ova at the best possible time for their farming operations.

Winners will be announced at a special awards dinner taking place on Wednesday 16 September during the Aquaculture UK exhibition in Aviemore.

We are very much looking forward to Aquaculture UK 2020 and the awards dinner in September. You are welcomed to meet us at our stand 135 and learn more about what we do, our products and services.

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