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Benchmark Genetics appoints Harry Tziouvas as RAS Sales Manager

Benchmark Genetics appoints Harry Tziouvas to strengthens salesforce for land-based farming

The business area, being a part of Benchmark Holdings plc, holds a strong position as a supplier of genetics to the fast-growing land-based farming industry. To support the company’s vision to stay in the forefront of the development and to provide global sales and technical support to key customers, Harry Tziouvas is appointed RAS Sales Manager with effect from December 7th, 2020.

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Harry Tziouvas - the newly appointed RAS Sales Manager in Benchmark Genetics.

Harry Tziouvas comes from the position as Technical Sales Manager for Benchmark Animal Health, where since March of 2018 he has been responsible for managing key accounts and customer’s portfolios in the Mediterranean region. Before joining Benchmark Animal Health, Harry was the Senior Biologist for the whole northern region of the Scottish Salmon Company, where he was responsible for the fish health management of all marine and freshwater sites.

In his new role in Benchmark Genetics, Harry will use his experiences from working for leading aquaculture companies in Northern Europe with Atlantic salmon and in the Mediterranean with sea bass and bream. Holding a BSc in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management from Greece, and an MSc in Aquatic Pathobiology from the University of Stirling, Tziouvas has a strong academic and field-based background to successfully support and consult the company’s customers regarding biological challenges.

Fish Health Sampling

Harry Tziouvas sampling fish for health control.

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"I am very pleased that Harry has accepted this exciting and ambitious opportunity. RAS-technology is complex and requires different skills and competences than traditional sea-cage farming systems, and I am sure that Harry has the right background to provide beneficial services to our customers within this sector." Geir Olav Melingen, Commercial Director in Benchmark Genetics

Harry Tziouvas sees aquaculture as one of the most promising sectors within food production.

“With the rising demand for fish products and the decreasing catch from wild fish, aquaculture is gaining more importance”- he says.

Land-based farming with recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) represents a new way to farm fish. These culture systems provide an alternate approach that isolates fish from potentially sensitive marine ecosystems while applying measures to prevent environmental impacts such as the discharge of nutrients, escapees, and fish pathogens.

“Benchmark Genetics has foreseen the trend of land-based RAS facilities and is investing in this sector with genetically adapted products and by creating new specific roles within the company.”- Harry states.

He is highly motivated to get started and build relations with the company’s customers.

“My role as RAS Sales manager is part of the vision of Benchmark Genetics to provide global sales and technical support for RAS land-based facilities and at the same time to help this relatively new part of the industry to grow sustainably.”- he added.

Harry Tziouvas will be based in the Benchmark Genetics offices in Inverness, Scotland from where he will be servicing customers all over the world as well as assist in supporting the company’s UK customers.

Originating from Cyprus, he is a firm believer of the ancient Greek saying – healthy mind healthy body, and enjoys going to the gym, running and hiking in his free time.

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