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Ann-Kristin Skaugvold is our new general manager at SalmoBreed Salten

Kyst.no has published a great article about Ann-Kristin Skaugvold, our new general manager at SalmoBreed Salten. Ann-Kristin comes to SalmoBreed Salten from her role as operations manager at Nordland AKVA AS and Grytåga Settefisk AS. Below you will find an overview of what Kyst.no have written about Ann-Kristen.

14-day temporary job in 1987 has turned into a long career in the aquaculture industry for Skaugvold, who looks forward to starting her new job in August.

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Ann-Kristin Skaugvold is new general manager at SalmoBreed Salten. Picture: Magnus Petersen

Ann-Kristin Skaugvold starts as general manager at SalmoBreed Salten in early August, replacing Stig Joar Krogli, who has been responsible for the development of the company’s land-based new facility in Sørfold, Nordland.

Ann-Kristin has a professional certificate in aquaculture and a long-time career in the aquaculture industry. For the past five years, she has been working as the manager of Nordland Akva AS.

Ann Kristen says of her time at Norland Akva AS: “The company is owned by Egil Kristoffersen and Sønner AS and is a fantastic company that stands for the same values that I feel are important. Eva Maria Kristoffersen and Per Jørgen Haugan are competent leaders and I have only good things to say about them and Nordland Akva.”

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Overview image of the modern SalmoBreed Salten facility at Kobbelv in Sørfold. Photo: SalmoBreed Salten

14 days turned into 33 years

Ann-Kristin also has several years of experience as operations manager at Grytåga Settefisk AS, as well as 17 years at smolt producer Sisomar, which also operated with ova production.
“I really only wanted one 14-day substitute in Sisomar, which led to 17 years in the company and 33 years in the aquaculture industry so far,” she says with a smile.

Working within the aquaculture industry may have been a bit random choice, but Skaugvold boasts of good people she has worked with and believes the aquaculture industry does an important job of providing healthy, sustainable, and good quality food to consumers.

“It is important for me that I continue to work in the aquaculture industry”

Ann-Kristen explains: “My time in Nordland Akva has been great, and I have worked with some incredibly talented people. Now I am very much looking forward to starting work at SalmoBreed Salten after the summer. It will be exciting to be involved in another part of the aquaculture industry.”

It is of course a new challenge, but she points out that she will take the time to get to know the organization well and will work hard to achieve the best salmon ova production possible.

“It is also very important to me that people feel happy at work and have a good workplace, where they can use their expertise” she adds.

Skaugvold believes that the Salmobreed Salten and Benchmark have a nice approach and way of working that she likes.

“As an operations manager in Nordland Akva, I have been a customer of SalmoBreed, which has given me a very good impression of the company and the way it operates. It made me find the job very appealing, especially as their values match mine.”

“Being genuine, down to earth, and sincere in what you do is very important to me” she adds.

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"We are excited to have Ann-Kristin Skaugvold on the team as general manager of the SalmoBreed Salten." Birgitte Sørheim, Marketing Director and Media Contact at Benchmark Genetics

Unique skills combination

Marketing Director of Benchmark Genetics, Birgitte Sørheim tells Kyst.no that they have chosen to hire Skaugvold because she has a unique combination of experience and expertise that fits well with the tasks that the general manager at SalmoBreed Salten should be responsible for: “That she comes from the customer side is an added strength. We believe it is essential to understand the challenges and needs of our customers, and thereby ensure production planning, product quality, and delivery reliability that provide the best customer experience for roe produced in the SalmoBreed Salten.”

“Ann-Kristin Skaugvold has personal qualities and a leadership style that coincides very well with the wishes we had defined for the position when it was announced this spring. That she lives in Bodø, which is approx. 1.5 hours away from the new land-based breeding facility in Salten, we also see a big advantage” adds Sørheim.

Skaugvold will be responsible for the operation and management of the plant, as well as being responsible for 23 employees.

“She will ensure the good progression in operations, and contribute to a culture with a focus on continuous improvement of work processes and protocols. There are very large biological values in the plant in the form of broodstock and salmon ova, and responsibility for safeguarding these, and reducing the risks associated with operations, animal health and animal welfare are included in the role of general manager. She will of course also make sure that operations are in line with government requirements, and the quality standards to which we have committed” Sørheim adds.

About SalmoBreed Salten:

The facility officially opened on May 22, 2019, and the company describes it as the most advanced land-based breeding facility for salmon ova production in the world.

  • SalmoBreed Salten produces salmon ova from broodstock fish that spend their entire life cycle on land.
  • The facility is located in the Sørfjord in Sørfold Municipality.
  • SalmoBreed Salten is designed to produce 150 million salmon ova per year.
  • The first fish was taken into the facility in November 2017 and the first egg collection was done in October 2018. From the summer of 2019, the plant was fully operational.
  • The company was founded in 2015 and is owned by 75% SalmoBreed AS and 25% Salten Stamfisk AS.

Birgitte Sorheim, points out she has high expectations for the operation of SalmoBreed Salten in 2020. “We have so far progressed well during the Covid-19 crisis, and are in our first year of salmon ova production from broodstock fish that have been produced on land. The facility is continuously optimized, and we are constantly gaining new learning and experience that we bring into operation and planning. The goal is to ensure that all customers receive a quality product according to their order plan. Until the fall of 2020, we are completely sold out for salmon ova from SalmoBreed Salten, and Ann-Kristin therefore takes over a plant and an organization that has the best starting point for succeeding with the planned further growth, she elaborates.

Historic place
Skaugvold comes from the small village of Sulitjelma in the municipality of Fauske in Nordland, which is close to the Swedish border. She describes her home as an historic and wonderful place that is known for mining, among other things. Sultitjelma is almost completely surrounded by mountains and glaciers, and this is probably one of the reasons why the 54-year-old loves outdoor recreation and mountain walks in his her spare time. She has lived much of her life in Fauske, but has also lived in Northern Sweden for a few years and has recently been living in Bodø.

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