Fish from the best rivers

SalmoBreeds’ activities are based on a more than 40 years of efforts to produce the best breeding stock.

In 1975 the farming company AS Bolaks started collecting genetic material from the best Norwegian salmon rivers. So did the farming company Jakta Fiskeoppdrett in 1979. These sources have formed the basis for SalmoBreeds present breeding program.

In 1985, the Norwegian Fish Farmers breeding center established in Kyrksæterøra, Sor-Trondelag, an organized system for breeding and sale of roe. As a result of the bankruptcy of Fish Farmers Cooperative (FOS), the genetic material was transferred in 1992 to the Norwegian Salmon Breeding (NLA).

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A new company

In the years up to 1999 NLA was more or less predominant in Norway in the production and delivery of genetic material to the aquaculture industry. There were many roe producers along the coast, and several wanted an alternative company. This led to the foundation of SalmoBreed in 1999.

SalmoBreed AS was officially founded by Bolaks, Osland Havbruk and Akvaforsk Genetics Center (AFGC). During two years Erfjord Stamfisk and Sjøtroll were also part of the owner group.

Family-based breeding
In 1999 the work with family-based breeding gained momentum, based on the well-known stock from Bolaks and thereafter also Jakta from 2002.
The family-based breeding program has shown very good results in growth, late maturity and resistance against disease and sea lice. 

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QTL against IPN

SalmoBreed has developed a comprehensive database with information from years of calculations and test results. Thanks to systematic and constantly improving knowledge SalmoBreed could in 2010 offer roe which were specific resistant to the viral disease IPN(infectious pancreatic necrosis) and this disease problem disappeared.

Faroe islands

SalmoBreed signed in 2010 an agreement with Fiskaaling. This is a state-owned company in the Faroe Islands that uses eggs from SalmoBreed’s stock to produce roe. Every year eggs from elite lines produced by SalmoBreed in Norway are sent to the Faroe Islands. These eggs are used for the production of brood stock, which will create a new roe generation three to four years later. This roe goes into production. Faeroese fish farmers have in recent years delivered very good results.

Breeding And Genetics

International cooperation

SalmoBreed took part in a worldwide collaboration where all salmon genes - around three billion - were mapped. A painstaking work that was completed in 2014.

This has made possible to use genomic tools to produce roe that are, among other things, resistant to disease and sea lice.

Dna Helix

New ownership structure

In 2014 a new ownership structure in SalmoBreed was needed to prepare further growth and capacity in R & D, product development, production, sales and marketing.

Work on genetics and breeding has become more advanced. There are increasing demands for finding the right properties. This specialization is very costly, and it was important to get a resourceful owner who could make big investments so SalmoBreed remained a leading company.

The companies Erfjord Stamfisk, Sjøtroll Havbruk, Bolaks, Akvaforsk Genetics Center and Osland Havbruk therefore agreed to sell their shares to Benchmark Breeding & Genetics. The company is owned by Benchmark Holdings is listed in England, and delivers a range of products and services to aquaculture industry such as vaccines, veterinary services and feed ingredients.

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New Breeding Centre

In 2015 SalmoBreed Bolaks’ bought a plant in Lønningdal in Os municipality outside Bergen. This was previously a research station for a feed company. Here a modern and future-oriented salmon breeding centre is being established.

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ROE every week

SalmoBreed’s license production of roe in Norway is done at present at Bolaks, Erfjord Stamfisk and Salten Stamfisk.

SalmoBreed delivers roe to Norway, United Kingdom and the Faroe Islands, as well as a smaller volume to European countries such as Denmark and Poland.

Production year round

Thanks to the unique access to both fresh and salt water with stable temperatures, there is no danger of contamination and Stofnfiskur can produce roe all year round. This roe can be exported to Norway, while the Icelandic authorities do not allow the import of roe from abroad.

Customers now want more eyed-roe in summer and autumn. In Iceland one can control the production because everything takes place inland, and SalmoBreed can thus deliver outside of the Norwegian season that traditionally lasts from November to June.

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Organisasjonen vokser

SalmoBreed Lønningdal er i full drift og huser i dag hele avlskjernen til SalmoBreed.  350 unike familier er på plass, og i tillegg produseres smolt som skal bli stamfisk. Totalt produseres ca 300.000 smolt i året, samt en del startfôringsklar yngel som selges til kunder. 

Det landbaserte stamfiskanlegget SalmoBreed Salten, eid av SalmoBreed sammen med Salten Stamfisk, er under bygging i Sørfold kommune. Med kapasitet til å produsere 150 millioner rognkorn pr år, og resirkuleringsteknologi for drift med høy biosikkerhet, vil anlegget ferdigstilt være unikt i næringen.

SalmoBreed har stiftet selskapet Salmar Genetics AS sammen med Salmar. Salmar Genetics produserer rogn med genetisk materiale fra Rauma Stamfisk og SalmoBreed, avlsprogrammet blir drevet av Benchmark Breeding and Genetics (BBG).

Verdien av felles eierskap begynner nå å bli synlig i Benchmark; samarbeidet med søsterselskapene i BBG resulterer i nye produkter og leveringsdyktighet gjennom hele året for SalmoBreed.

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