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SalmoBreed is headquartered in Bergen, Norway and is part of Benchmark Breeding and Genetics (BBG). Our main activity is the supply of salmon eggs to hatcheries in Norway and other countries where salmon is farmed. 

Our sister company are Stofnfiskur in Iceland, Spring Genetics headquartered in Miami and AFGC located in Sunndalsøra. Our activities require highly skilled employees in several different areas. Therefore we are always looking for new employees that can make us even better to support our customers.

Some examples of the skills companies in Benchmark Breeding and Genetics need are:

Genetics: to ensure that we deliver eggs with the properties that are important to our customers, BBG operates a complex breeding program. Using various genetic tools we select parent animals that produce the best custom results.

Biology and fish health: we are dealing with live animals. We need employees who observe that our fishes are well, remain healthy and that their welfare is safeguarded. We also work providing our customers with advice when they encounter challenges in their production.

Practical farming skills: several of BBG companies host fishes and need skilled practitioners to ensure that our fishes live under good conditions, that all equipment at the facilities work properly and that we operate in accordance with the legal requirements.

Sales and customer follow-up: we sell our roe to the same customers year after year. Our good customer relationships are in a large extent built through trust. Our customer advisors can make recommendations on what are the right products for each customer. The follow up from roe delivery through incubation and further into the production is an important part of our customer support. For this we need a sales team that has knowledge about fish farming and understands what the challenges of our customers are.

Benchmark Holding also has activities in areas other than genetics. For more information about which competences Benchmark Holding needs, see the following web pages:

Fish Vet Group

Benchmark Animal Health



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