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SalmoBreed Salten builds onshore facilities for brood stock and roe production

Capacity for the production of 150 million roe per year

Sørfold: With the total building complex of 10,000 square meters and 7,900 cubic meters tank volume, SalmoBreed’s Salten plant will have the capacity to keep the brood stock on land throughout the whole production cycle and produce 150 million roe per year.

-According to our Icelandic model, we will deliver roe throughout the year, says General Manager of SalmoBreed AS Jan-Emil Johannessen.

SalmoBreed Salten AS is owned by SalmoBreed AS and Salten Stamfisk AS. The plant that is being built now is located in Sørfold municipality, 60 km north of Fauske. Total cost for the project is approximately 350 million norwegian kroner.

Skisse Salmo Breed Salten

Projected plant, 3D

Protection against infection

The plant is projected as a RAS plant with tank volume in conditions to keep brood stock on land throughout the entire production cycle, from roe to ready for spawning fish. -We have good experiences with brood stock inland from our sister company Stofnfiskur in Iceland, says Jan-Emil.  He is very pleased to have Salten Stamfisk as co-owner.

-Salten Stamfisk has strong local roots, they already produce brood in seven locations in the area and have an expertise that will be very important in this project.

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SalmoBreed Salten's Project Manager, Stig Joar Krogli and SalmoBreed's CEO, Jan-Emil Johannessen.

Efficient and requiring little labour

Separate department for the growth phase, as well as control of mature fish, providing efficient logistics with solutions that require little labour. The plant has good access to seawater and freshwater, and brood stock can mature inland. Stig Joar Krogli is hired as Project Manager and looks forward to an intense activity on the construction site.

-Artec Aqua is our total contractor. The construction will take 2 years and we look forward to delivering the first roe in 2018. This is a big step for both SalmoBreed AS and salmon industry. We build the first fully integrated brood stock facility where fish are kept inland from smolt to roe. We consider this to be a very forward-looking project.

For more information, contact Marketing Manager Hege Hovland;, tel 99 50 03 30

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